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“I’ve developed plantar fasciitis in May 2022 and was pretty sick of it by the time May 2023 rolled around. I live in the southwest part of Wisconsin and was looking for a doctor that did ESWT near me; I could not find anything nearby. I didn’t find Milwaukee Foot And Ankle Specialists right away because they use the acronym EPAT and I was always searching ESWT, but by some stroke of luck, I eventually found this place online.

The reviews were awesome for Dr. Milkie and his staff, which made me decide to make the 2.5 hour drive to try this therapy. I have not been disappointed!

My consultation and first appointment were in June 2023; I only had to wait 1.5 weeks between the time of initially contacting the office and getting in for my first session. I was really happy with the quick scheduling and the fact that I didn’t have to wait a month or more to get in, like I had to for PT near me.

I just completed my fourth treatment (I came in once a week for four consecutive weeks) and am really impressed with the place. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and kind. I arrive early (once, I was 15 min early) and am always seen right away – wait time is minimal.

Dr. Milkie is thorough, friendly, and clearly communicates what you need to know. He has been doing EPAT for a long time, so I trust his assessment of my particular case of PF and the course of treatment that he recommended.

I am finally having less pain in my feet- the treatment is working!! I never thought I’d be pain-free again. It’s not gone yet, but close- I’m finally on the road to healing. I go back in 3 weeks to see if I need any more treatments, or if I’m done.

I’m super grateful for Milwaukee Foot and Ankle Specialists!!”


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