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What Causes Calluses On Feet: Within The Body
By Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists in Milwaukee, WI

Though the most common cause of calluses is ill-fitting footwear, problems with the feet themselves can be just as bad. One of the most common foot problems that causes calluses is foot deformity.

Foot Deformity

Foot deformities can include any of the following:

• Club foot
• Hammer toes
• Claw toes
• Mallet toes
• Cavus foot
• Cleft foot
• Flat feet
• And others

Though some of these are more severe than others and may need surgical treatment, others are very common and can be treated with orthopedic inserts. For our purposes in this article, having any of these foot deformities can mean the development of calluses in various places on the feet that rub against socks or shoes uncomfortably on a regular basis. One of the most common foot deformities is flat feet.

Flat Feet
Flat feet can either be congenital, meaning the condition is present at birth, or they can develop over time. Flat feet, also known as fallen arches, can range in severity from severe and painful to mild and manageable. It can be difficult to tell if someone has flat feet when they’re infants because almost all children start out with flat feet and develop arches later on. If this development doesn’t happen, though, it can lead to bigger problems.

Sometimes flat feet develop in adults, resulting in adult acquired flatfoot deformity or AAFD. This condition results in a fallen arch with the foot pointing outward. In most cases, this condition can be alleviated with orthotic inserts and braces, although sometimes surgery may be necessary.

Because the foot isn’t the same shape as a healthy foot, it can cause shoes to fit improperly, regardless of how well you try to match the needs of your feet. Because of this, calluses may form in various areas.

Damaged Sweat Glands
Trying to self-diagnose damaged sweat glands is difficult, to say the least; even a general practitioner can get this diagnosis wrong as the way plugged sweat glands look is often mistaken for plantar warts or calluses. Though damaged sweat glands can cause calluses, they are a different condition.
Plugged sweat glands are called porokeratosis and look like little sesame seed shaped lesions on the skin. Though this condition can occur all over the body, the feet are a fairly common place. The best way to tell if this is what you have is to go talk to your podiatrist as they will know the difference between calluses, warts, and porokeratosis.

Simple Solutions
If you have foot deformities, your best bet is to see a podiatrist. We can determine exactly what kind of foot deformity you have and give you options as far as treatment for your unique situation. Some of these conditions are more severe than others and can cause long-term problems much worse than the deformity itself.

Flat feet are a bit easier to manage as they are very common, but a custom orthotic insert is the best way to manage a flat foot problem. If your flat feet are severe or over the counter inserts don’t work, give us a call – we can help.

Because damaged sweat glands can affect other areas of your body, it’s important to see a specialist to determine what the extent of the condition is. The first step is to seek out relief for the condition on your feet and to make certain that it’s actually what you think it is.

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