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What Causes Calluses On Feet: Outside The Body
By Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists of Milwaukee, WI

Calluses have many causes, some of them relating directly to the body and others relating to external influences on the feet. In this article, we’ll focus on some external factors that commonly cause calluses.

Bare Feet
The first cause for developing calluses is going barefoot outside or on rough terrain on a regular basis. Though it can be argued that going barefoot when at home is good for your feet, it isn’t so good for them if you walk on pavement or other rough or strenuous surfaces.

This is even truer if you have any kind of foot deformity like hammertoes, flat feet, overly arched feet, etc. If you have any of these types of afflictions, it’s better to wear shoes with orthotics designed for your unique feet than to go barefoot. In some cases, foot surgery is necessary.

Manual Labor
Manual labor can cause a number of different problems for feet, especially if you work with heavy machinery or lifting heavy things and don’t wear the proper type of shoes. Trauma to the feet can be especially damaging, but being on your feet a lot, walking, and a lot of physical strain can cause calluses to form.

Ill-Fitting Footwear
Alongside manual labor, ill-fitting footwear can cause calluses because of pressure points on the foot and because of certain spots on the feet being rubbed the wrong way, so to speak. It’s important to wear shoes and socks that fit properly to avoid calluses and a number of other foot issues such as corns, ingrown toenails, and athlete’s foot.

Shoes that are too tight or too loose cause the feet and toes to rub against the insides of the shoes, creating calluses. High heels force your toes into the front of your shoes, making your feet carry weight unevenly and rub against certain parts of the shoe. Seams or stitches on the inside of the shoe can also cause rubbing and friction, forming calluses on those areas of your feet.

Simple Solutions
If you enjoy being barefoot at home where there are smooth floors and carpets, that’s perfectly fine. However, it isn’t recommended to go barefoot outside, especially if you’re walking on pavement or cement. Not only can you injure your feet somewhat easily, but it can cause calluses to form on your feet. Shoes were originally created to help protect the feet, so if you’re walking or running outside on the road, it’s best to wear comfortable shoes to keep your feet healthy.

If you have a job that involves a lot of manual labor or do a significant amount of work around your house, the proper shoes can help protect your feet and keep them from developing calluses as well as getting injured. Being on your feet a lot and doing heavy lifting can be dangerous and puts a lot of strain on your feet.

Ill-fitting socks and shoes are the most common cause for calluses, so making sure your socks aren’t too tight or too big as well as wearing shoes that fit well can save your feet from a lot of pain and problems.

If you have calluses and want to get rid of them, some home remedies can be used. You should take extra care if you have diabetes, however, and it’s always best to speak to your doctor in that case.

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