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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Feet During Winter By Top Rated Bookfield WI PodiatristThe cold temperatures of winter can wreak havoc on your skin, especially your feet. This issue may be compounded by wearing the wrong kinds of shoes or not taking proper care of your feet, especially if you participate in winter sports in Wisconsin like skiing or ice skating. Even if you don’t do winter sports, your feet may be suffering because of the cold temperatures and dryer climate of winter. How can you take care of your feet during the winter? Read on for some quick and easy tips.

Take Care Of Your Feet By Stretching

Blood flow sometimes isn’t as good for feet as for other parts of the body because your feet are so far away from the heart and the flow of blood has to fight against gravity. This is particularly true for smokers and people who have diabetes, so stretching becomes especially important in these situations. Stretching and wiggling your toes while outdoors can help prevent numbness and keep the blood circulating. If your toes are difficult to warm up, you may want to get some toe warmers or heat packs to make sure your feet stay warm when you’re outside.

Take Care Of Your Feet By Moisturizing

Between the cold temperatures outside and the dry heat inside, you may notice that your skin is dryer than usual. Dry skin can lead to cracked skin, which can lead to infection, so it’s important to moisturize your skin, especially on your feet. You can do this either by getting lotion specifically designed for your feet or for dry skin, or you can apply coconut oil to your skin. Either way, it will ensure that your feet are moisturized and your skin can replenish itself.

Take Care Of Your Feet By Wearing The Right Shoes

Wearing the right shoes is important no matter what season it is, but it’s especially important in winter because you always want to keep your feet warm. If you have diabetes or smoke, your circulation may be affected so good shoes are extremely important when you go outside. Wear warm but breathable socks so that your feet stay warm, and be sure to stretch and wiggle your toes if you’re outside. If you need help keeping your feet and toes warm, you can get toe warmers to put inside your shoes. It’s a good idea to stay away from high heels and other shoes that don’t offer any warmth, and if you wear rubber boots, warm socks are a must.

Take Care Of Your Feet By Wearing The Right Footwear If You Do Winter Sports

Skiing, ice skating, and other winter sports in Wisconsin often require special footwear. If you do winter sports, make sure you get fitted for your specific shoes so that your feet stay healthy and happy throughout the winter. It’s best to get shoes or boots that immobilize most of your foot except for your toes. You can use insoles to ensure that your feet are as comfortable as possible but that you can still move your toes. The right shoes can prevent a number of injuries and reduce the chances of chafing and blisters, especially if you’re doing winter sports.

No matter your lifestyle, these simple steps can help you take proper care of your feet during the winter and prevent any potential complications. If you’re having a foot issue that you need to address, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (262) 784-8548. At Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists, your feet are in good hands!

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our podiatry office near Brookfield, WI would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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