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Orthotic Recommendations Customized To Your Needs

Foot & Ankle Pain Relief From Experienced Wauwatosa, WI Podiatrists & Foot Doctors

Orthotics, or custom insoles come in many shapes and sizes. They can be used as a preventive measure or help relieve pain or discomfort associated with an injury or congenital abnormality. Custom orthotics, also known as custom insoles or arch supports, are specifically made to conform to your foot, thereby helping correct issues within the structure of your feet, ankles, and legs.

While custom orthotics can help correct and prevent many of your foot and ankle ailments, research shows that some of the more effective uses of orthotics are to prevent and treat plantar fasciitis and stress fractures of the tibia (shin bone).

Our Wauwatosa, WI podiatrists and foot doctors may suggest that you get custom orthotics to:

  • Increase strength and performance if you’re an athlete
  • Prevent injury if you walk or stand excessively
  • Prevent diabetic foot issues such as ulcers
  • Correct abnormalities and injuries such as:
    • Flat feet
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Feet with high arches
    • Tendonitis
    • Shin splints
    • Calluses
    • Bunions
    • Corns
    • Hammertoes
    • Aching legs
    • Lower back pain
    • Heel pain
    • Pronation

Ensuring That You Get the Right Orthotics

There are many types of orthotics. If you’re dealing with a problem such as fallen arches, there are multiple types of orthotics that could work for you. Only an experienced podiatrist and foot doctors well-trained in best use orthotic practices can help you get the correct orthotics for your problem.

Just like you, your feet are unique. No two people have the same feet, and therefore no two people should use the same orthotic. At Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists, we have the expertise to correctly diagnose your foot problem and ensure that your orthotic is right for you. Our Wisconsin podiatrists deliver high-quality custom care to all of our patients, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to individualized patient care. We partner with you to determine the best possible treatment options for your unique feet, condition, and situation.

To meet with a Wauwatosa foot doctor with the skills needed to create an effective, comfortable orthotic for you or your child, make an appointment today. When you meet with a Wisconsin podiatrist at any of our Milwaukee area podiatry offices — Wauwatosa, and Mequon, WI — you will be thoroughly evaluated by an experienced, compassionate podiatrist. To see what a difference the right Wauwatosa foot doctor makes, call 414.257.0676 today. We offer same day appointments as well as a $25 Initial Savings Certificate you can use at your first appointment.


Casting your foot in our Wisconsin podiatry offices to create a custom, scientifically engineered orthotic.

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