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An Exciting New Neuropathy Treatment May Be Able To End Your Pain – Today.

Neuropathy Relief From Foot Doctors In Wauwatosa, Oak Creek, New Berlin & Mequon, WI

by Milwaukee Foot Doctor & Surgeon, Dr. Steven Waldman

After many sleepless nights and failed treatments, you may be feeling frustrated with your neuropathy. Our neuropathy experts in Wauwatosa, Oak Creek, and New Berlin, WI have spoken with many patients who are exhausted, aggravated, and seemingly out of options. In desperation, they come to us, hoping that our expert Wisconsin podiatrists can help them.

Fortunately, we often can! Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists is one of only 15 podiatry offices nationwide who successfully use the cutting-edge neuropathy treatment we offer. The program we use for neuropathy is like no other and has given hope to so many who thought they would live in pain forever. Here is just one example of someone whose life has been forever changed by this new and exciting treatment program for neuropathy:

“My feet and legs used to hurt – they felt like logs when I tried to walk. My feet were discolored, black and blue. After the treatment, my feet are nice and pink and normal.

I can walk better – my legs feel really good. I can definitely see that it is working. I have much more feeling. My toes don’t freeze at night anymore – there is a lot more blood flowing to them. I can sleep a lot better at night now. I know that Dr. Waldman has my best interests at heart. I have already recommended this treatment to others.”

Ralph S., Milwaukee Patient Who Suffered From Neuropathy

Drug-Free, Steroid-Free Treatment For Neuropathy

If you have given up hope, you are not alone. However, our team of expert Milwaukee, Wisconsin foot doctors have dedicated our careers to finding the most modern, effective treatment options available. Our greatest joy is helping those who believed that they were destined to spend the rest of their lives exhausted and in pain. If you can relate, we would love to help you as well.

The neuropathy treatment option we offer is helping people just like you get their lives back. If you are ready to end your pain from neuropathy, to find a drug-free, steroid-free treatment that has the potential to change your life for the better, please make an appointment at our Milwaukee area podiatry office by calling 414.257.0676 today. We offer same day appointments, as well as a $25 Initial Savings Certificate for you to use at your first visit with us.

Experience, expertise, and exceptional care. That’s the Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists guarantee!

While our podiatry offices are conveniently located in Wauwatosa and WI, we offer services to patients in and around Milwaukee including Franklin, Brookfield, Fox Point, Hales Corner, Waukesha, West Allis, Menomonee Falls, and South Milwaukee.

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