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Hammertoe Relief From Experienced Milwaukee, WI Podiatrists

Hammertoes, also called claw or mallet toes, refer to toes that are bent in an unnatural way. The offending toe or toes will begin to bend upward and, over time, can become stiff and unbendable. This stiffness can cause you discomfort and pain, creating corns and blisters where your toe rubs against your shoe. They are named after their resemblance to the hammers in a piano.

At Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists, we don’t want to just treat your foot problems; we want to educate you. Knowing more about the source of your foot or ankle pain is empowering and allows you to choose a treatment plan that is right for you.

The Most Frequent Causes of Hammertoes

A toe begins to curl in when the muscles contract. This contraction of the muscle can be caused by many things, but the most common causes of hammertoes are:

  • Frequent wearing of high-heeled or narrow-toed shoes
  • A foot structure issue present since birth
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Stroke, cerebral palsy, or degenerative disc disease
  • Being bedridden for a long period of time
  • A lack of feeling in your feet, often caused by diabetes
  • Injury to your toe such as a break, dislocation, or jam

No matter the cause of your painfully tight toes, our expert Milwaukee podiatrists are ready and able to create a custom hammertoe treatment plan suited to your unique needs. The goal of our Milwaukee foot doctors is to address the root cause of your pain and make that pain stop forever. We are only satisfied when your feet are pain-free.

Giving You and Your Feet the Expert Care You Deserve

Our Milwaukee, WI foot doctors are not interested in lecturing you about your shoe choice. What we are interested in is relieving your pain and getting you back on your feet. We are passionate about what we do and constantly strive to learn and grow as podiatrists. This passion for knowledge has made us experts in the field of foot care – not only in Wisconsin, but nationwide.

In order to better suit your needs, our Milwaukee area podiatry offices are located in Wauwatosa and Mequon, WI. For compassionate, expert foot care you can trust, call us today at 414.257.0676 to schedule your appointment.

Experience, expertise, and exceptional care. That’s the Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists guarantee!

While our Wisconsin podiatry offices are conveniently located in Wauwatosa and Mequon, we offer services to patients in and around Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI) including Franklin, Brookfield, Fox Point, Hales Corner, Waukesha, West Allis, Menomonee Falls, and South Milwaukee.

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