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Milwaukee Flat Foot Experts Can Help End Your Pain

Foot Pain Relief For Flat Feet From Experienced Milwaukee, WI Foot Doctors

Do you have flat feet? Is your child flat-footed and complaining of pain in his or her ankles, feet, or lower legs? If so, you are not alone.

Everyone is Born Flat-Footed; Did Your Feet Stay That Way?

All babies are born with cute little flat feet. As a baby grows and begins walking, his or her arch usually rises as the muscles in the foot develop. However, in about 20% of the population, the arch never rises. Because the tendons that hold your foot together are looser than normal if you have flat feet, the arch of your foot remains close to the ground.

You may be among the many flat-footed people who don’t experience pain or discomfort. However, for some of you, a flat or dropped arch can cause the following symptoms:

  • Foot pain
  • Pain in your arches
  • Pain in your ankles
  • Pain in your lower legs
  • Pain in your hips
  • Overly tired or achy feet after you stand or play sports

When You Should Seek Help from an Experienced Milwaukee, WI Foot Doctor

If you or your child have flat feet and often experience pain in your feet, legs, or ankles, then it is time to make an appointment at our Wisconsin podiatry office. Our expert Milwaukee foot doctors have helped thousands of people, children and adults alike, overcome the pain caused by flat feet.

As always, we like to begin with the least invasive treatment possible. In the most severe cases, generally when the tendons or joints of your foot have torn or failed, surgical repair may be needed.

Treatment options for flat feet include:

  • Custom orthotics (arch supports placed in the shoe)
  • Foot and ankle stretches and exercises
  • An anti-inflammatory medication to relieve your pain and reduce swelling
  • Icing any painful areas
  • Supportive taping or bracing
  • Surgery to repair a posterior tibial tear or repair joints

If you have flat feet, there are a few things that could be causing your foot pain. If your arch has dropped, your ankle may start to fall to the inside, straining the ligaments in your foot and ankle. In addition, the tendons in your arch may become inflamed or torn, causing you serious pain and discomfort.

There are highly effective treatments for flat or fallen arches, and the sooner you get help from a Milwaukee foot doctor who specializes in flat feet, the sooner you can end your pain.

You Do Not Have to Put up with Painful Feet

There is no need for you to go on living with painful feet, ankles, and legs. At Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists, our expert Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI) foot doctors work to create custom treatment plans uniquely suited to your situation. If you are ready to end your discomfort and begin the journey to your new, pain-free life, call 414.257.0676 today to schedule your appointment. With our podiatry offices in Wauwatosa, WI, we are right around the corner and ready to serve you.

Experience, expertise, and exceptional care. That’s the Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists guarantee!

Our podiatry office is conveniently located in Wauwatosa, we offer services to patients in and around Milwaukee, including Franklin, Brookfield, Fox Point, Hales Corner, Waukesha, West Allis, Menomonee Falls, and South Milwaukee.

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