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Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter Even In WisconsinOne of the things Wisconsin is infamous for are the cold, snowy winters. As you can imagine, this makes staying warm difficult, especially for your feet and toes. There are definitely ways that you can help your feet stay warm, protected, dry, and comfortable in the winter months, even in Wisconsin!

Dry Feet Stay Warmer

Keeping your feet dry during the winter is the first step to keeping your feet warm. Waterproof boots can be found in a number of shoe stores, especially in our local area in Wisconsin. Another important aspect of keeping your feet dry is to wear shoes that aren’t rubber because you don’t want your feet to sweat. So, your boots should be breathable but also waterproof. We highly recommend purchasing quality boots in our area as these are most effective for staying warm.

About Your Socks

Socks also play an important role during the winter months, so it’s important to wear socks that are made of fleece or a similar fabric. This will help to keep your feet warm, insulated, and dry. Ordinary cotton socks tend to soak up moisture, which can make your feet wet just from sweating, leaving your feet damp throughout the whole day. Save the cotton socks for the summer.

Snow Protection

There are products out there like the Snow Gaiter that fit over the top of your shoes to keep snow and other moisture from getting into your shoes from the top. This is especially true in areas with lots of snow. Once your shoes get wet on the inside, it becomes difficult to dry them out again, especially if you need to wear them on a daily basis. Keeping moisture out of your shoes is another good way to keep your feet dry and warm.

Winter Boot Temperature Rating

Boots are designed for certain climates and types of weather, so it’s important to learn about the rating and insulation of the boots you’d like to buy. For our Wisconsin area, you definitely want to make sure that your boots are suitable for the climate, and one way to do this is to talk to us – your WI podiatrists!


One of the most popular and effective synthetic insulators for boots in winter is called Thinsulate. Of course there are other brands of synthetic insulation, too, and we can make some recommendations for you based on your feet, your shoes, your preferences, and your usual activities. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is different, so a pair of boots that works for one person may not work as well for another person. It also depends on what you plan to wear the boots for; for example, you wouldn’t wear an everyday boot to go hiking or do winter sports.

Winter Sports

Speaking of winter sports, playing in the snow is one of the most popular things to do in Wisconsin, simply because we get a lot of it! Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and tubing all tend to be go-to activities for families in Wisconsin in the winter, and many of these winter sports require special footwear. Make sure that you purchase and wear properly fitting footwear and appropriate socks for each of these activities to protect your feet and keep them warm throughout the winter months.

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment to have your feet checked out, please give us a call today at (414) 257-0676. At Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists, your feet are our passion, so let us help you keep them warm and cozy this winter.

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