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Common Causes and Treatment Options For Calluses On Feet
By Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Clinic of Wauwatosa, Oak Creek, New Berlin & Mequon, Wisconsin (WI)

Everyone can agree that feet are important, and taking proper care of your feet is even more so. When there is an area of the foot that is under more pressure that the rest of the foot, it can cause calluses to form.

What Are Calluses?
Calluses form when there is repeated strain or friction in one spot on the skin. They can form anywhere on the body, but the most common places are the hands and feet. Your body forms calluses on the skin as protection; think of a “writer’s bump” when someone writes a lot with a pen or pencil.

On the feet, calluses commonly form on the heel, the ball of the foot, or the side of the big toe. Sometimes calluses can be painful, especially when repeating the same habits on a regular basis (even if you aren’t aware you’re doing it).

What Are Corns?
Corns are a little different from calluses, but can look and feel similar. Corns are usually smaller than calluses and form on the tops and sides of the feet rather than the bottoms. Corns also have a center, where dead skin is thicker and more concentrated, whereas calluses don’t have that central area.

The Most Common Causes of Calluses
There are several common causes for calluses, some of them being environmental and others stemming from the body itself.

• Going barefoot
• Manual labor
• Ill-fitting footwear
• Foot deformity
• Flat feet
• Damaged sweat glands

No matter what is causing your calluses, you can encourage them to go away in a number of ways depending on how bad they are. Sometimes the solution is as simple as getting a new pair of shoes; other times, something more will need to be done.

Treatments For Calluses
Warning: don’t try to remove calluses by cutting or slicing them! You could seriously hurt yourself or cause an infection. If you have diabetes, a visit to your Milwaukee, WI podiatrist is recommended.

1. Soak your feet. This is a good way to soften the dead skin and is also very relaxing. You can add a number of things to your foot soak to help with calluses including chamomile tea, Epsom salt, bath salts, bath oil, apple cider vinegar, or baking soda.

2. Use tools designed for feet. A pumice stone or foot file is your best bet for gentle removal of calluses.

3. Keep your feet moisturized. You can use Vaseline or a thick lotion designed for dry skin. Tip: putting on lotion and then a pair of comfortable socks before bed will allow the moisture to soak into your feet overnight, helping to prevent dryness.

4. Wear the right shoes. If you wear high heels or ill-fitting shoes a lot, your chances of developing calluses increase. Make sure you wear shoes that fit properly and are comfortable.

Your feet are important! You need them to function: to walk, to stand, to exercise, to drive – why not take good care of them? If you’re unsure what kind of issues you have with your feet, home remedies don’t work, or you have diabetes, please call or come in to Milwaukee Foot and Ankle Specialists for more information and guidance: 414-439-2271. We’re here to help!

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