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The Classification of Heels

The Cocktail Heel
These heels are comfortable for a couple of hours…. “The Two Hour Shoe.” They typically feel great and you think you are wearing the world’s only comfortable heel but any extend period of standing starts to cause pain or soreness. These shoes typically are above two inches but can be any heel height depending on your foot. Do not wear these shoes to weddings or funerals as you are often standing for extended periods of times throughout the event and sitting may appear rude or disrespectful. Great for nights out at the theater or small social gathering where there is more sitting involved than standing and walking distances are relatively short.

The Dinner Heel
What were you thinking when you bought theses shoes… “The Too Pretty Not to Buy Shoe.” You know the second you put these shoes on that they are a bad idea but you can’t help but smile when you see them on your feet. We all own this pair of shoe and want to get our money’s worth. These are great to watch TV in but if you want to show them off, save them for a nice dinner out. You will need a significant other or friend willing to drop you off at the door because walking any distance is not encouraged. At the restaurant, choose a seat next to the isle so you can cross your lets and throw your shoe out into insight for anybody that walks by. At the conclusion of dinner, your guest should pull the car up to the door. If you venture out for after dinner cocktails you will need a place with ample seating.

The Dancing Heel
Because sometimes we like to dance, you should invest your money in “The I Forgot I’m Wearing Heels Shoe.” These may not be the heels that cause heads to turn but they will allow you to move and groove to attract even more attention. These heels will have lower heels, typically two inches or lower. A wider toe box and almost never a peep toe. No pinching of the toes allowed. You may not find these shoes at your favorite boutiques and will need to look into trusted comfy brands like Clarks or Born. These are great for wedding, bachelorette parties, and Vegas. Most of us try to outdo ourselves at these events trying to make a statement with our outfits. Remember, when dancing is involved, your shoes shouldn’t be making the statement. Barefoot on the dance floor or on the side walk is trashy not sexy.

The Regretful Heel
You are getting older but still feeling youthful. So you splurge and spend more than you should and buy “The I Wish I Was Still 20 Heel.” Bad Idea. You think you are cool but as soon as your friends set their sore eyes on these they either say nothing because they don’t want to embarrass you or point, laugh, and make fun of you all night. They are uncomfortable and make too much of a statement. You may be bold but don’t sacrifice all of your foot’s dignity with this bad purchase. Just say no. Buy the funky jewelry or purse instead. These shoes can be great for Halloween Party’s or a variety of Themed parties when you are dressing up as something you are not. Once again, find a place to sit or bring an age appropriate shoe along to change into when you finally give up on your youthful mistake.

The Doesn’t Fit Heel
Once again, this shoe should never make it home into your closet but we always seem to end up with “The It was On Sale Shoe.” The price was good so you ignored the fact that it didn’t fit. These are a never wear, return if you can, give to a friend or donate kind of shoe. You will never fit in them and you should never wear them so clean out your closet and get rid of them.

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