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South Milwaukee WI Podiatrists Discuss Weekend Footwear

South Milwaukee Podiatrists for Weekend ShoesWe begin to trade in our sweaters and jackets in favor of something a little lighter during the spring. The same goes for our footwear, too. As we happily swap out our winter boots in favor of less clunky options, we tend to reach for either the most fashion-forward or comfortable choices, but as your favorite South Milwaukee, WI, podiatrists know, there is more to your footwear than just being stylish.

South Milwaukee Podiatrists Encourage Patients to Seek Supportive Shoes

Sandals may be all the rage, but most versions of those flat-footed lace-ups offer little more than thin soles and funny tan lines. The top-rated podiatrists in south Milwaukee, WI would be quick to point out that sandals with wobbly soles quickly lead to equally wobbly ankles, a chain-reaction loss of stability that can easily result in foot and ankle issues such as acquired flat feetsprained ankles, or other discomfort. Instead, treat your feet to shoes with thick, comfortable soles or invest in custom orthotics created with your specific foot structure in mind.

Flip-Flop Dysfunction

Flip-flops may be a quick and easy way to walk from your hotel room to the pool or from your car to the beach, but these flimsy spring favorites offer little in the way of protection. To shield your feet from the sun, hot asphalt, sharp rocks, and even random debris such as broken glass, wear closed-toe shoes for the walk across the parking lot and then switch to flip-flops once you hit the sand. And of course flip-flops are always ideal for wearing around the community pool or in the gym shower where bare feet could lead to a fungal infection.

Why South Milwaukee, WI Podiatrists Love Wedge Shoes

For ladies who just can’t bring themselves to ditch open-toed shoes altogether, a great wedge may save them from an emergency visit to their South Milwaukee podiatry office. Wedge shoes offer more stability and support than flat sandals – especially if they also have ankle straps for extra security – and they’re still fashionable enough to pair with a maxi dress or capri pants for date night or girls’ night out.

Cool, Calm, and Comfortable

For plenty of fun in the sun without worrying about surprise foot or ankle issues, follow this experienced South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, podiatrists advice and look for weekend footwear that:

Combine those elements with some bright colors and you just might be ready for some fun in the sun, thanks to your 5-star-rated South Milwaukee, WI podiatrist! For more information on foot-friendly shoes or to schedule your feet for a checkup today!

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