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Children’s Feet Are Unique

Foot & Ankle Pain Relief For Children from Experienced Milwaukee, WI Foot Doctors

by Milwaukee Podiatrist, Dr. Christopher Milkie

Did you know that Milwaukee Foot & Ankle Specialists also treats foot conditions in children? Foot conditions don’t just affect adults. Your child’s feet are unique due to the fact that they are still growing, and the presence of growth plates can lead to certain problems. Addressing your child’s complaint about foot pain early is critical because of these growth plates. Even if it seems like a minor problem, it shouldn’t be neglected for oftentimes foot problems can be more serious than you may think. Typically, your child’s feet stop growing between the ages of 13 and 15. Any foot problem that arises prior to these ages is certainly more urgent.

There are many conditions that can affect your child’s feet. Growth plate inflammation, ingrown nails, warts, and flat feet are just a common few. Growth plate inflammation in the heel, or Sever’s disease, is the most common. If your child is active in sports, especially soccer or basketball, he or she may be more prone to this foot problem. The complaint is usually of pain in the heel during and after a practice or game.

Flat feet can often cause pain in the feet and legs, and active children are more prone to symptoms. Pediatricians often mistake this type of pain for simple growing pains in the feet. It is a myth that all children will “outgrow” being flat-footed. Fortunately, most foot and leg soreness from flat feet can be relieved quite easily with custom foot orthotics, or custom insoles. We have over a 95% success rate with this treatment, so your child can get back to what he or she does best quickly.

Since your child’s feet are unique, they should be put in the hands of a foot specialist. We have over 60 years of combined experience treating foot problem with kids’ feet. Often, we can recommend a fast remedy for a condition that your pediatrician may not know what to do with. Generally, we recommend early intervention for all foot problems, particularly for children. If addressed early enough, your child won’t miss a beat – or a game!

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