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Pain in your heel?

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pain in heel

If you’ve had pain in your heel for more than a month, chances are it’s not going away on its own. In fact, there’s little chance your doctor, the pharmacy or the internet will have the answer. What you must know is that the longer you wait to see a specialist for heel pain, the greater the likelihood it will take longer to cure. Heel pain can literally go from a condition that takes one office visit to relieve, to one that could take six months.

4 important reasons why you shouldn’t wait
to see a specialist about your heel pain

You can get back to being active again
and do the things you enjoy doing
without thinking about the pain.

You can avoid developing pain in another part of your foot, your knee, hip or back. If you compensate for the pain long enough, pain elsewhere is likely.

It’s less costly to address most foot health
concerns early. A specialist can cut to the
chase and save you time and money.

Fast relief significantly reduces your chance of needing surgery.

dr chris milkie

Dr. Chris Milkie, a Board Certified Podiatrist, has been successfully treating heel pain for 25 years.

After being featured on Today’s TMJ4 and Fox 6, people from all over the state of Wisconsin have consulted him for their heel pain. Otherwise, most of his patients are referred to him by other doctors and satisfied patients.

The real key to relieving your pain

What makes Dr. Milkie’s treatment of heel pain unique is his use of Ultrasound technology. Ultrasound is an inexpensive office-based tool that has revolutionized how effectively heel pain is diagnosed and treated. A heel pain specialist is the only one who will have this technology immediately available. Ultrasound technology is a big reason why Dr. Milkie can relieve heel pain fast.

If traditional methods of relieving heel pain don’t work, Dr. Milkie has vast experience using two popular alternative techniques known as ESWT and Topaz. Both are at least 85% effective and require little to no time away from work or exercise.

Diagnosing and treating pain in your heel
is the job of a specialist

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