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Could Your Burning, Painful Feet be a Symptom of Neuropathy?

by Dr. Christopher Milkie

Tingling or burning in the legs and feet may be an early sign of nerve damage, also known as neuropathy. These feelings often start in the toes and feet. Other symptoms include:

The Importance of Seeking Help for Your Diabetes-Related Neuropathy You should contact an experienced Mequon, WI neuropathy expert if you have experienced any of the above symptoms. The key to preventing permanent damage caused by neuropathy is early intervention and effective treatment. We cannot stress enough the importance of paying attention to your body and acting on any concerns. The longer you wait to seek treatment the more damage the condition will do to your body. Please call 414.257.0676 today to make an appointment.

A Neuropathy Expert is Crucial to Successful Neuropathy Treatment An integrated treatment approach is the most effective way to manage neuropathy. There are new treatments and therapies that our Mequon, WI podiatrists are using to reduce nerve damage, take away pain and reduce prolonged use of medications. The Mequon, WI podiatry office of the Milwaukee Foot Specialists is one of only 15 sites in the country that offer this new, highly effective treatment program. This steroid-free, drug-free treatment program has allowed many of our neuropathy patients to live their lives without pain. The Milwaukee neuropathy experts at the Milwaukee Foot Specialists make a conscious effort to treat each patient as an individual. From your first appointment, you will be part of your healing process. Please call 414.257.0676 to make an appointment; begin your new, pain-free life.

Our podiatrists have helped many people end the pain and damage of diabetes-related neuropathy. Here are some examples: I was diagnosed with diabetes in November of 2010. The neuropathy came on so quickly! My feet were feeling like clubs. I was having difficulty walking, and I couldn’t sleep at night – pain in my feet would wake me up frequently. The only way to get relief was to put pressure on them in uncomfortable positions like against the wall or on the couch. I was not just going to roll over and take it – I wanted to figure out what was going on. I had seen several other doctors, but the first time I heard the word neuropathy was from Dr. Milkie. Dr. Milkie sent me to Dr. Waldman and Dr. McCartan. I am still in the treatment program. There is no pain with the stimulation treatments. Dr. McCartan is unbelievable – I love Dr. McCartan! I love how Dr. Waldman takes action and gets the job done. These are my kind of doctors. I am sleeping better now – I don’t get woken up by my feet much anymore. They feel less like “clubs.” It has been very exciting. I am very proactive – I am a member of the American Diabetes Association, I attend a lot of health fairs, and I love to cook and work in the yard. You have to take charge of your life. I am very happy that I did this treatment program. -MK, Brookfield, WI   I was not doing too good before, my feet “burned” all the time. I had to hold on to something to walk. Now, I can get around a lot better. I can do a lot more. I go to the pool and swim 5 or 6 times a week – I could only make it twice a week before. My legs and feet feel at least 95% better. My feet don’t have the tingling, burning pain anymore, my legs don’t hurt as bad. There has been a big improvement. I recommended this treatment to my son-in-law, who also has neuropathy pain. These doctors are really good. -Ruth, West Allis, WI

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