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Got Corns? How to Determine If Corns Are Causing Your Foot Pain

Got Corns? How to Determine If Corns Are Causing Your Foot Pain

by Dr. Christopher Milkie Our Fox Point, WI podiatrists see many patients who are unsure if the pain in their feet is being caused by corns. When corns form, they can make walking extremely painful. Corns, while not considered a callus, often form on or near callused skin. This can make it hard for you […]

Corns and calluses form when skin rubs against bony areas or parts of a shoe. The formation consists of many layers of compacted, dead skin and can cause pain or discomfort.

by Dr. Lucy Meier Corns are more than unsightly; they can cause you pain and discomfort. For our experienced Mequon, WI podiatrists, it is important that we not only alleviate the pain caused by your corns but also determine what factors are causing them to develop in the first place. Corns and calluses form when […]

Milwaukee Podiatrist Dr. Lucy Meier Reviews Sandals that can Help end your Foot Pain This Summer

by Dr. Lucy Meier With warmer weather coming soon (we hope), many of our patients have been asking us for sandal selection advice. It can be difficult to find brands that are healthy for your feet, while still having some style. Here are my comfortable sandal choices and reviews for women. Vionic with Orthoheel – I […]

What is the difference between a wart and a corn?

Warts and corns are two common foot conditions that are often confused. Warts can appear all over the body, but corns appear only on the feet. Corns are typically caused by a bone in the foot causing pressure on another part of the foot, or your shoe. They often appear on the top of or […]

How do you know if you have a Bone Spur?

The simple answer is that you would probably experience pain. Many patients come in complaining of pain between the toes. They may not see anything, but they know it hurts. A hard layer of skin or corn may have developed. The underlying problem is that a bone spur is present, leading to pressure on the […]

What is the difference between a corn and a callus?

Corns are smaller than calluses, and can be painful. They have a hard center, surrounded by inflamed skin. Corns tend to develop on non-weight bearing parts of the foot, such as the top of, or even in between – the toes. Calluses are typically larger and not always painful. They develop on the weight-bearing areas […]

Can I trim or scrape a corn off myself?

If you have a medical condition that puts your feet at risk, such as diabetes, neuropathy, or poor circulation, do not attempt to treat your corn or callus at home. No “bathroom surgery” allowed! Even a small injury can lead to an ulcer that could be difficult to heal.

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by Dr. Steven Waldman My favorite patient of the week was a 97 year old lady who was terrified to see me! She had many painful foot problems, including her nails and many calluses. She could not even wear shoes, and walking was extremely painful for her. A little bix of skin softener, disinfectant, the […]

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