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Milwaukee Flat Foot Doctors and Options for Correcting Flat Feet

Milwaukee Flat Foot Doctors and Options for Correcting Flat Feet

by Dr. Christopher Milkie Adult-acquired flatfoot or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction usually leads to a gradual loss of the arch. The posterior tibial muscle is a deep muscle in the back of the calf and has a long tendon that extends from above the ankle and attaches into several sites around the arch of the […]

Wauwatosa Flat Foot Doctor Treats Over-pronation

by Dr. Christopher Milkie Flat feet are a common condition. In infants and toddlers, the longitudinal arch is not developed and flat feet are normal. Most feet are flexible and an arch appears when the person stands on his or her toes. The arch develops in childhood, and by adulthood most people have developed normal […]

Wauwatosa Flat Foot Doctors Explain Flat Feet and Treatments

by Dr. Christopher Milkie Flat feet are a common condition of the foot structure. In infants and toddlers, prior to walking, the longitudinal arch is not developed and flat feet are normal. Most feet are flexible and an arch appears when children begin standing on their toes. The arch continues to develop throughout childhood, and […]

Do you suffer from this common foot and ankle condition that is often misdiagnosed?

by Dr. Steven Waldman Posterior tibial disfunction, or PTD, explained by Dr. Steven Waldman of Milwaukee Foot Specialists. This common condition is often mis-diagnosed as an ankle sprain or arthritis. The posterior tibial tendon and the peroneal tendon work togther to keep your feet stable and moving. Those with flat feet are more prone to […]

What walking or running shoes would you recommend for someone who tends to supinate and needs arch support. I have flat feet and fasciotomies on both feet.

Flat feet typically tend to pronate, not supinate. If you have flat feet and have had fasciotomoies, you need custom orthotics. These orthotics would have maximal arch support. For shoes, the orthotics should be worn in a standard or neutral shoe.

What is the difference between cushioning, stability, and motion control in running shoes?

Cushioning shoes are just that – cushioning. They take away pressure, on the heel and the front part of the foot. Stability and Motion Control and pretty much the same thing – probably just different shoe companies using different terms for the same thing. Both hold the foot in in a more fixed position. These […]

What are the best shoes to correct overpronation?

Pronation occurs when the ankle and foot rolls too far inward, and the arch of the foot flattens out. Everyone has some pronation in their gait, but overpronation can cause damage to many parts of your body, including your feet and ankles. The best shoes for overpronation correction are known as motion control. They usually […]

What does it mean to have flat feet?

Flat feet, also known as fallen arches, is a medical condition in which the foot does not have a normal arch when standing – the entire foot touches the floor. It is common and can have many causes, including genetics, injury, and the normal wear and tear of tendons and joints that occurs with age. […]

Do I need treatment for my flat feet?

If you are not having any pain, no treatment is typically needed. However, this condition can put strain on the ankles and knees. These joints can turn inward and become swollen due to the flattened foot, and a tendon could be strained or torn. Treatment options include orthotics (link), stretching exercises, or rarely – surgery […]

What Are Accessory Bones of the Foot?

by Dr. Brant McCartan Not all feet are created equal. If you have been keeping up with our blog, this is not news to you. However, for our new readers… not all feet are created equal! This fact is even true to the types and number of bones in your feet. There are a multitude […]

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