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Running Shoe Trends Of 2016 By Oak Tree, WI Top Rated Foot Doctor

Running Shoe Trends Of 2016 By Oak Tree, WI Top Rated Foot Doctor

Bringing Back the Bounce This year’s running trend in Oak Tree, WI is all about the cushion.   Today’s running shoe mentality has shifted from barefoot is king to give me pillows with strings.  Lucky for runners, most shoe companies are somewhere in the middle and developing new technology every day to help our game.  New […]

Fashion Shoe Trends Of 2016 In The Racine, WI Area!

SNEAKERS 2015 was the year when comfort was king in the Racine, WI area.  Though comfort shoes did not have a strong presence during fashion week this year, sneakers snuck through!  Most of our go to designers such as Michael Kors, are still pushing their sneaker lines down the runway and there are many others […]

Sandal Trends of 2015

Dr. Lucy reviews the popular sandal trends of 2015 and gives helpful hints to have style but stay comfortable. Trend # 1: Chunky If you are going for a heel, make it chunky. Broad heels and wedges are hot this summer. Good news for your feet. The more surface are the shoe contacts with the […]

Birkenstock:  A new trend or a lasting favorite?

The brand was first introduced in the United States in the late 60’s but has been a popular brand in Germany since 1774.   While on vacation, a woman suffering from foot pain found relief in a pair of shoes she bought in Germany.  Amazed with the comfort of her new Birkenstocks, she lobbied for the […]

Dr. Lucy Meier Discusses Rain Boots

It is finally starting to feel like spring. As the snow melts, puddles and mud appear. While Milwaukee winters makes us anxious to kick of our snow boots and jump into lighter footwear, our feet still need protection form the water accumulating in parking lots and driveways. Rain boots are not just for rainy days. […]

Dr. Lucy Meier on The Morning Blend

Dr. Lucy Meier was a special guest on the popular morning show “The Morning Blend”.  Dr. Meier provides valuable insight on women’s shoes, and how to find the balance between fashion and foot health. Watch Dr. Lucy Meier on The Morning Blend!

Born Elissa Ankle Boot

Why my patients like this boot: The Born brand has a solid following and they consistently make durable, comfortable shoes. They stay on pace with fashion trends but strive for comfort. This boot has a rubber sole that helps with shock absorption and a shank that maintains the stability of the shoe. The moderate heel […]

Your shoes CAN give you a Kardashian Butt!

Kim Kardashian doesn’t shy away from advertising her butt. Last year she was highlighted on a Super Bowl commercial for Sketcher’s Shape Up Shoes. These shoes, among a number of other brands including Dockers Active Balance, New Balance True Balance, and Reebok EasyTone claim they can help tone your legs and bottom, improve posture, and […]

Best Shoes for Nurses

Nurses have long shifts and are on their feet for hours at a time. On a daily basis, I hear nurses complaining of foot pain and comparing shoe advice for the long hours of working on your feet. There are a lot of shoes out there that advertise comfort and reviews are often mixed. Shoes […]

Female Podiatrist caught in unhealthy shoes

Have you ever run into your doctor at McDonald’s right after he or she told you to watch what you eat? It is like running into your podiatrist in high heels after she scolded you for your poor shoe choices. Oopps. So, I have a confession to make. I make poor shoe choices from time […]

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