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Is Bunion Surgery Painful?

Is Bunion Surgery Painful?

The surgical procedure itself, of course, isn’t painful since it is done under anesthesia. What people are concerned about is the pain after surgery. We can’t lie and say that it isn’t painful after. Every one of our patients take some pain medication. However, most of our patients only need strong medication for 2 or […]

If I have a Bunion Removed, Will it Come Back?

The idea that a bunion that is removed, or corrected with surgery, will always come back is a myth. We believe this myth started many years ago when the surgery to correct a bunion wasn’t good enough. Keeping a bunion from coming back has mostly to do with how it is corrected in the first […]

If I have bunion surgery, how long will I need to be off of work?

How long you will need to be off of work after bunion surgery depends on your job duties, and your unique surgery. If you have a job where you can sit, such as an office, most people will be off for only a week. If you can be put on light duty, or you need […]

Why do I have a bunion?

We often get asked, “do shoes cause bunions?” Or more specifically, “Do high heels cause bunions?” Although shoe choices can make foot pain worse, they are not the cause of bunions. Bunions are typically caused by heredity (did your parents have them?), arthritis, trauma to the foot, or abnormalities in the bones and other structure […]

What are Bunions?

A bunion is an enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe. It is comprised of bone and soft tissue. They are more prevalent among women, but can also affect men and children of all ages.

What causes bunions or hammer toe?

In most cases toe deformities are caused by a muscle imbalance of the foot or having flat feet. The most common cause of bunions is congenital – if your mother had them, you probably will, too.

What is the difference between a bunion and hammer toe?

Bunions are a deformity in the foot anatomy that causes the big toe to point toward the second one. This causes a bump on the edge of the foot at the joint of the big toe. Hammer toe is a deformity of the second, third or fourth toes that cause the toes to bend down […]

My mom had bunions. Does that mean I will get them?

Bunions occur more commonly in women and sometimes run in families. People born with abnormal bones in their feet are more likely to form a bunion. The condition may become painful as extra bone and a fluid-filled sac grow at the base of the big toe.

When Should I Consider Bunion Surgery?

The decision to have bunion surgery is personal and unique for each person. The most common reasons include: Pain Difficulty walking Difficulty fitting shoes Worsening bunion Pain at the ball of the foot Big toe is causing lesser toes to drift or sit on top of the big toe Failed conservative measures An important factor […]

I have heard horror stories about bunion surgery and the recovery time. I am scared. What is the recovery like?

We hear again and again from our patients that the recovery was not as bad as they feared, and most wish that they had gotten the surgery sooner. That said, it is a corrective surgery. You can put weight on your heel immediately after surgery. It commonly takes about 4 weeks to get back into […]

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