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Rehabilitation Exercises for a Sprained Ankle

Rehabilitation Exercises for a Sprained Ankle

There are a number of ways you can strengthen your ankle and help speed up the healing process after a sprain. These are referred to as strengthening or rehabilitation exercises and can be done in the comfort of your home. For best results, you should begin rehab exercises as soon as possible after your sprain, […]

How to Heal A Sprained Ankle with PRINCE

There are several methods with which to remember how to treat a sprained ankle at home, one of which is called the PRINCE approach. This is one of the most inclusive ones, so we’ll go over what PRINCE stands for and how to incorporate each step. Performing these steps when you first sprain your ankle […]

What to Do About a Sprained Ankle

If you suspect you sprained your ankle, there are some things you should know about how long the healing process can take and what you need to do at home to help it along. This article will cover some basics about what to do if you sprained your ankle as well as when to call […]

So You Think You Sprained Your Ankle

Most of us have rolled or twisted our ankles at some point in our lives, and it hurts! For some people, it happens much more often and easily than for others. So how do you tell if you twisted, rolled, or sprained your ankle? How bad can sprains be? How is the severity of an […]

Recovering From an Ankle Sprain

by Dr. Christopher Milkie The most common question our Milwaukee, WI podiatrists get about an ankle sprain injury is how long the injury will take to heal. The answer depends on many factors, such as: Severity of the injury (from a minor sprain to complete tear) The willingness of the patient to perform ankle stretches […]

Ankle sprains should be evaluated by a podiatric physician to rule out any fractures.

by Dr. Brant McCartan The most common type of ankle injury is a sprain. Ankle sprains include the lateral (outside) structures of the ankle. Sprains can happen when the ankle is inverted (turned or rolled outwards). A lateral ankle sprain is the result of tears to any of the lateral stabilizing ligaments. For athletes, ankle […]

So you have a broken bone. The doctors put a cast on it and said they would see you back in a couple weeks, but what should you do now? It’s time to take care of your cast.

by Dr. Brant McCartan So you have a broken bone. The doctors put a cast on it and said they would see you back in a couple weeks, but what should you do now? It’s time to take care of your cast. When you break a bone (also called a fracture) in your foot or […]

Wauwatosa Podiatrist Dr. Chris Milkie explains ankle injures in athletes – including kids

by Dr. Christopher Milkie We see many athletes here at Milwaukee foot specialists and though anything can happen in sports, many sports have their related injuries. In sports that contain a majority of side to side motion on a hard surface, ankle injuries are very common. These sports, such as basketball and tennis, require the […]

What is a High Ankle Sprain?

A High Ankle injury or sprain involves the ligaments above the ankle joint. Also known as an ankle syndesmosis injury, this sprain occurs when one of the ligaments that connents the lower ends of the tibia and fibula bones (the lower leg bones) is sprained. High ankle sprains tend to occur when your is forced […]

I can still walk on my ankle. Does that mean it is okay?

In the case of some ankle sprains and fractures, it is possible to walk and mistakenly believe that an injury does not require medical treatment. The ability to walk does not mean that your ankle is not broken or badly sprained. Walking on the injury can make the problem worse, and lead to long-term joint […]

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