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Award-Winning Milwaukee WI Podiatrist Shares Pregnancy Must Haves for Your Feet

milwaukee podiatrists for prgnancy foot careAs a Milwaukee area podiatrist, I am well aware of all of the changes that happen to a woman’s feet during pregnancy but I was still caught off guard when my feet started to hurt.  During pregnancy our feet swell, the ligaments become weak, and they carry all the extra weight of our growing baby.  It is no surprise many women find themselves with achy feet before and after pregnancy;  Me included!  So here is your must have list of foot essentials from a new mom and foot specialist!

Milwaukee WI Podiatrist Shares 4 Pregnancy Must Haves

  1. Compression stockings! 

Luckily, I was pregnant during winter months so wearing these was not as much of a hassle.  I did not have a ton of swelling (I was lucky), but would get tired and achy legs from being on my feet all day.  I started to get cramps at night and that is when I started to wear compression socks.  It helped tremendously.  I used running compression sock from our local running store.  I found them more comfortable.  As my pregnancy progressed it became harder and harder for me to put them on and off and I depended on my husband to help out.  When he wasn’t around to help I still used a compression stocking but ones with much less strength.

  1. Supportive Orthotic

Dressing your bump can be such a joy but I found shoes very difficult.  I already have flat feet that get tired at the end of the day, so I knew adding extra weight was only going to make it worse.  I invested in a good orthotic to provide myself support.  Because I had a deformity and problems before pregnancy, I already had custom orthotics, but with the rapid changes in my body they were no longer providing appropriate support.  I got new ones with more arch support and they worked great.

  1. Supportive Slipper

There is nothing greater than kicking off your shoes when you come home from a long day of work, but walking around barefoot is awful for your pregnant feet. With a new baby you will find yourself pacing the house and swaying your little one to sleep all hours of the day.  Your ligaments are still relaxed from the hormones and all that time barefoot can cause heel pain or tendonitis. For good support around the house, I recommend investing in a shoe or slipper that is comfy but also supportive.   I liked Vionic slippers and Oofos clogs or sandals.  Bonus: If you are a runner, Oofos is a great recovery brand to slip on after a run!

  1. Healthy Nail Polish

Your body is sending all of its nutrients to your growing baby.  This combines with hormones causing all sorts of changes to your skin, hair, and nails. You may notice your toenails peeling or worse, a fungus infection.  It’s important to keep good hygiene.  Have your husband or trusted friend help you trim your nails if you are having a hard time reaching them.  Ingrown toenails are very common in pregnant women.  Avoid salons, as they pose an increased risk of infections from the chemicals and fumes in the salon which are not healthy for your baby.  I used a natural nail polish, Dr. Remedy, and my nails looked great before and after my baby.

  1. Shoe Shop!

On average most women increase a half size in shoes with EACH pregnancy!  So if your shoes don’t feel right after your baby, it’s not abnormal.   So when venturing out of the house for diapers, treat yourself to some new shoes.  You deserve it and need them! 🙂

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